The Importance of being Earnest

On November the 20th was performed the play The Importance of Being Earnest at Delia Cajelli’s theater. The play was written by Oscar Wilde in 1895 and it was set in the city of London and in the near countryside.
It’s about two young aristocrats who want to escape from everyday life. The first man’s name is Jack Worthing, but he used a fake name: Earnest; in order to enjoy himself in London without losing his good reputation. In the meantime, his friend Algernon Moncrieff falls in love with Cecily, a young lady under Jack’s protection. Algernon decides to change his name to Earnest to have the possibility to go to the countryside and visit her. Algernon’s cousin, Miss Gwendolen, accepts to marry Jack because she is convinced that Jack’s real name was Earnest. In fact, the two ladies are attracted by the name “Earnest” because it provides pleasure. After plenty of twists and turns, both of the ladies fall in love with both Earnests. The two ladies find out the truth about the men, so they decides to end the affair, after being hurt and offended. Despite the weird situation, the story ends well: Algernon marries Cecily and Jack marries Gwendolen.
The play was a new sort of restoration of the comedy of manners, in which the problems of that period were reflected, like in a mirror, through Wilde’s smart observations. This play was a very good version also because the comedians acted like in 20th century scene, with the help of cinematographic element after Wilde’s period, like the Charleston music or the screening of short film shootings. The actors were able to capture public’s attention, playing perfectly their roles. We strongly recommend this play, you won’t be disappointed!

Written by Marco Favetti
Revised by Andrea Stoccuto & Giulia Radice

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